Problem with my X58AUD3r rev 2

blue screen of death on cold startup after bios update ( FA to FH ) x58aud3r rev 2
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  1. A BSOD thankfully is different than a Post Failure**. In the BIOS Load Optimized Defaults, save and boot. If that fails then Clear CMOS (Button or Jumper method); see ->

    Now if both of those fail then boot off your Windows DVD, assuming Win 7, press F8 use Startup Repair -> and if needed System Restore.

    Once, hopefully, in Window you may have a mix-match BIOS to Windows -- e.g. BIOS SATA -> IDE <=> Windows Start -> 0; the correct choices are SATA -> IDE <=> Start -> 3 <or> SATA -> AHCI <=> Start -> 0; see -> use 'Fix It' or manually match-up BIOS and the Registry.

    **Often when updating the BIOS if you set SATA -> AHCI then updated the BIOS the setting changes to SATA -> IDE and you end up with a BSOD at startup.
  2. the older version FA was working fine and no BsOD
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