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I have an ATI 5870 by XFX. The problem im having with it is that it keeps crashing everyday and then recovers or sometimes it doesnt recover at all and i have to reset the computer. My setup is 650 watt powersupply, 4gb ram, MSI motherboard, AMD 1090T
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  1. wats da brand and model of ur psu??
  2. Is the graphics card overclocked at all? If yes get back to stock.
    When does it crash? Gaming or desktop?
    You should download GPUz and monitor the temps and voltage. Is the fan on full or idling?
    Unplug and reconnect all power connectors, its an easy thing to do. Make sure the 5870 fan isnt clogged with dust bunnies.
    Did you change anything recently? Any apps, anything?
    If everything is good you need to start testing the basics. Use memtest or Prime to exercise the cpu and memory - that needs to be verified before you assume its the gpu.
    Assuming that passes then you need to test the video card. There are programs for that. Monitor the card with GPUz running.

    Video cards crash as a result of - not enough power, too much heat or something has failed. Check for heat buildup first, then if ok replace the PSU and see where that takes you.
  3. My Psu is Corsair TX650w and the graphics card is new and same with everything in my desktop because i just recently built this computer. The graphics card doesnt matter what Im doing when it crashes. It crashes if im just going on chrome, playing WoW, or watching a movie. There is no overclocking everything is on default as of now
  4. Update what Ive noticed is this happens mostly when I take my computer off sleep mode and then wake it up
  5. I think ur graphics card's fan is not working.
    open ur casing nd power on the cpu nd look if ur gpu fan nd ur cpu fan is worknig.
  6. Yes both fans are working it's not a heat issue my temps are 30 C average
  7. Card is faulty. Get it changed
  8. Can I still send it in even if dont have the box or reciept it came with....
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