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Hi guys i have done my best to find the solution but i am unsure about the right product to purchase. Here is the current situation i have a core2duo 2.4ghz running at 3.2 on the 775 chipset. My question is do i upgrade to a 3.1ghz core2duo or a slower quad core running on the 775 chipset. My other options is to upgrade the mobo, i was thinking amd seems to have the edge again ?

1 upgrade the core2duo
2 upgrade to quadcore
3 replace mobo and get AMD cpu

I currently only use my processing power for gaming.

Thanks in advance for your help you guys are awsome :)
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  1. It really comes down to the application that you are running. If you are doing a lot in something like Adobe CS then the Intel® Core™ 2 Quad would offer you some advantages, heck most games right now will take advantage of up to 3 threads so the Intel Core 2 Quad would be very good up to this point. Now if you are doing a single threaded application that speed makes a difference then the Intel Core 2 Duo is the best. So go with option 2 most likely.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Depends on prices also. The majority suggestion would be to not invest any further on a 775 build unless you are getting something for a real bargain.
  3. If you have the cash for it, definitely upgrade to a new CPU and motherboard.
  4. Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz 6MB L2 Cache 170$
    Core 2 Quad Q8400 Yorkfield 2.66GHz 4MB L2 Cache 180$

    Alternative is new mobo 150$ est cpu 150$ est if possible keep my old ddr2 8gb

    I guess i will see a big advantage with something like the Phenom II X4 955 BE

    I need to make a desition if i want to spend 200$ older gen cpu or about 300$ next gen
  5. If you have 300$ to spare then you can actually get yourself a SB build with the core i3 2100. That would be a nice upgrade assuming gaming is your first priority. The platform also enables you to upgrade to awesome quad core chips in the near future if and when the need arises. If 300$ is side cash then you can sell your current components for as low as 100$ (minimum quote) and upgrade to an i5 2500k.
  6. Ok thanks for the input, i will see what option will give me support for ddr2. I thought that AMD was a better $ value then Intel right now am i mistaken. And yes gaming is what i will need the power for.

    I will select the best answer if i get a reply. Thanks again guys. Will shop arround.
  7. What graphics card do you have, if its not better than a 5770 or 450 then you will get more gaming performance by upgrading that 1st. Also DDR3 RAM is very cheap at the moment so if your upgrading your board I would do the RAM as well. I would only upgrade to another core 2 if you can get one very cheap.
  8. Actually i currently have a 5770. I was looking for mobo that support ddr2 and i am not seeing many if i replace the memory it will cost another 125$ish so the entire system upgrade will cost about 450 to 500 with taxes. I im going to scour ebay and find myself a quad core 2.66 to 3ghz for about 100 to 175 used
  9. What motherboard do you have currently?
  10. The asus P5N-D it seems most core2 or quad are supported.
  11. for the price of an amd 955 and motherboard you could have an intel 2400 and h61 motherboard. you can pick the ram up dirt cheap also at less than 10pounds per gig.
  12. I recommend either get a cheap upgrade with an Athlon x3 or x4 and a dirt cheap AM2+ board to keep your RAM or go all out with an intel i3 or i5 with new RAM and board.
  13. Best answer
    If you are looking at a faster core2 duo, or a slower quad core, get the faster core2 duo, especially if you are only using your computer for gaming.
  14. I am currently looking at Core 2 Duo E8500 SLB9K 3.16GHz 6MB 1333MHz if i can get that unit for about 150 it will keep me settled until my next major upgrade.
  15. If you mean $150 you can get an Athlon x 3 and an AM2 board much cheaper
  16. The E8500 can perform equivalently or better compared to any X3. It can also attain high overclock speeds. So no point going the AMD route unless OP can get himself a Phenom II X4 955 BE and a AM3+ motherboard.
  17. Thanks for the help all the input was usefull not sure who to select. I have desited to go with the 8500 for 140$ i will try to push this puppy past 4ghz i was able to get my 2.4 at 3.4 durring winter but i settled for 3.2

    Again thank you guys
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