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Increase RAM or use readyboost?

first of all My PC specs:
CPU : Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140 @ 1.6 GHz
socket: LGA775
RAM : 512 MB DDR2
HDD : 160 GB IDE
Current OS: Windows XP Pro SP2

now I want to shift to Windows 7 but because of only 512 MB RAM :sweat: I am not confident to do that.
I know minimum RAM required is 1 GB. But I have another PC which has a Celeron D @ 2.4 GHz processor with 768 MB RAM. I rarely use it. Right now I have installed windows 7 on it and because of 768 MB RAM it runs OK. :)
RAM usage is 300 MB (ideal) & remain within 768 MB while browsing or doing other stuff.

I heard of readyboost feature in windows 7, So my question is, can I use 512 MB on my Primary PC with readyboost-ing some flash drive to use windows 7 (512 MB RAM+readyboost=>Win 7) . Will readyboost solve the purpose or I have to buy an DDR2 RAM (looking expensive in contrast with DDR3) :(
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  1. Your performance is hampered considerably hovering at any 'minimums', I really don't recommend anything less than 2GB on Windows 7 x32. Readyboost won't solve the problem itself.

    You can purchase 1GB DDR2 for ~$15 and 2GB DDR2 ~$25, and better 2x2GB for $48. Otherwise priorities spending ~$110 on an OS upgrade and nearly zip on RAM and having your system crippled needs to be reevaluated.
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    ready boost was a failed idea from the start. It was designed back when ram was much more expensive, and HDDs much slower than today, by the time the tech was released in Vista it was already a cheaper/better option to either purchase more system ram, or a newer/faster HDD. Ready boost is limited by the USB controller that can only do ~20MB/s , assuming your flash drive can read that fast... which most cannot. Readyboost on a computer with USB3 would be a different story, but I am pretty sure your mobo does not have that tech yet.
    If you put 1GB or more ram in your XP machine then XP will stop using the HDD cache unless it is absolutely needed which will increase performance. I would toss 2GB of ram at it and see if that clears up your performance issues. Throw some of this at it: and it should solve your issues.
  3. thank you both @jaquith & @caedenv. understood your point. I will invest on RAM & I think that would be the best option.
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