Power Save while Installing Win7

I recently decided to upgrade a few components to an older PC but have run into an issue. My monitor goes into Power Save Mode after a couple minutes into the "Installing Windows files..." download. The PC still seems to be running though.

I don't know if its my Win7, CPU, PSU or just my GPU. Any help would be most appreciated. Please read my specs as it stands. Any help would be appreciated.

- Biostar A770E3 Ver. 6.3
- AMD Phenom II - Black Edition
- G.Skill DDR3-1333 4GB
- HIS HD 2600XT 512MB GDDR3 PCIe 1.0
- Hitachi 500GB SATA
- Roswell RP550-2
- Windows 7 Home Prem 64-bit OEM
- Monitor Connection: DVI-to-DVI

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Hello eje6190;

    Doesn't your monitor leave power saving mode when you move the mouse around?
  2. Check your system's Power Options. To get there type power plan in the Start Menu at the bottom search bar.
    In the Control Panel section use the Choose a power plan option. If your power plan is Energy Saver change that to Balanced.
    The High Performance option would leave the monitor on at all times.

  3. Moving the mouse doesn't work.

    Unable to get to power plan since its a new hard drive with no OS yet.
  4. How long did you let the Win7 install run before you shut it down?

    What BIOS version are you using in the motherboard?
    Do you have options in the BIOS to set power management options?
  5. The monitor goes into this mode after about a minute.

    I will check out the BIOS info when I get home and see if I can manage the power. Will get back to you within a couple hours. Thx!
  6. Good thing I took pictures while doing this because the monitor shut off while going thru the BIOS.

    BIOS Version: 08.00.14
    Build date: 11/03/10

    Power Configuration is an option under Advanced but the power save mode initiates.
    Ok, tried again and found several options. What am I looking for?
  7. Some type of High Performance mode setting versus Energy Saving mode.
  8. Does the monitor shut down when you're actually moving through the BIOS menus using the keyboard?
  9. Yes, it shuts down during BIOS mode too. Found nothing like High Performance mode vs Energy Saving mode.

    Maybe more power is needed. I can get a new PSU tmw and returni it if it doesn't work.
  10. When the computer is working at idle power it shouldnt be an issue with the PSU.
    Can you move the monitor off the DVI output to the VGA output with a DVI-VGA adapter?
  11. Just tried that. I have an adapter that moved the DVI output to VGA and then DIV input into my DVI connection behind my Sony monitor. All that did was make the picture off center and fuzzier. Same outcome with the power save mode.

    So frustrating...
  12. Since the OS isnt involved yet and I don't think a idle/low power draw state is taxing the PSU I'm thinking either the video card or the motherboard is the culprit.
    Can you get your hands on a spare video card to test?
  13. I can get one tmw. I will try either one that has an HDMI output and use with one of my HD-TVs. Or if possible a GPU that has a DVI output.

    Will keep you posted.

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