What CPU upgrade for acer 6920-6621

Hello, my new work software requires at least 2 GHz CPU.I have Core 2 Duo,T5550, 1.83 GHz, Chip-set:Intel GM965 Express, Bus Speed:667 MHz. I can not find a look-up of what CPU's will be good replacement.
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  1. this one should work since it is a 667MHz CPU


    not sure if the MOBO will support a 800MHz or 1066MHz CPU
  2. Thank You for your fast response Emerald. :hello:

    Is there a faster CPU that will replace the t5550 or will it not make a noticeable difference?
  3. some of the 6920 Series laptops came with a 2.5GHz CPU; however, I don't know if the MOBO is the same than yours.
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