Can anyone explain these speedfan results. I have a AMD 1090T (not OC'ed) and I was just wanting to make sure it wasn't running hot (because my office is kinda warm).

Temp1 30c
Temp2 27c
Temp3 54c (has a little flame icon next to it!)
HD0 33c
Core 28c

Can anyone explain these scores to me. Is Temp3 possibly my GPU? Or is it some kind of error. I can't imagine anything but the GPU running that hot, it is kind of scary.

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    For me, one of the mysterious temperatures is close to the core temp. It's strange that your core temperature is so low, lower than even the hard drive. That suggests that Speedfan may not be getting the actual CPU temp.
    Is this a load temperature? Under load, that would be a decent temp for a CPU. GPUs can get up into the 90s without trouble. If it's idle, then something's wrong, either in the reporting or the temperature-generating.
    Try a different temperature monitor for the CPU.
  2. No that was idle. Here is under load temps still using speedfan. My system seems very stable and I am not having any probs. I'm thinking speedfan is not reading the temps correctly.

    Temp1 39c
    Temp2 28c
    Temp3 55c (still with the flame icon)
    HD0 34c
    Core 39c

    Is Motherboard Monitor a good additional one to try?
  3. Temp 3 with the flame means nothing is being monitored. Use Configuration and disable any temp with the flame next to.
  4. ah.. Ok thanks.
  5. Temp1- usually CPU ambient
    Temp2- usually system temp
    Temp 3- GPU
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  7. ^Um badge what? My temps get flames when they get relatively high; this happens in all temperatures. It doesn't mean monitoring isn't working.
  8. Flame means nothing is being monitored. Unless the software has been changed to read otherwise. Old news. Common knowledge for a decade on this forum. The same question has been asked dozens if not a one hundred times. I have not used speed fan for many years.
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