Problem with HDMI Output

I'm running a GTX 460 with a mini-HDMI output. The card came with a mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter. I recently got an HDTV, and a new HDMI cable to be able to watch movies and play games on the TV. I plugged everything in and I can't seem to see the TV recognized by Windows or the Nvidia Control Panel. I've checked all my connections and settings. I'm completley lost here.
When I go to "setup multiple displays" the only thing that shows up is my monitor. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the video and HD audio drivers to no avail.

Maybe I'm missing something? Help?

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  1. I hooked up the TV with the VGA(RGB) and it worked find and recognized it.
    I'm beginning to think the mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter or the mini-HDMI output on the card is bad..
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