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Discrete Vs Mobility

So i've had a bit of a read through the forums and google, and i think i have the answer; but would like to run it by these forums to be sure.

A mobility GPU is one that is built into a machine (I assume a laptop) and whilst it has the same pedigree (versus the discrete version) it is smaller, has less power and therefore runs cooler at the price of lower performance (i dont know about overclocking, can this be done?).

A discrete GPU is one you can purchase for your upgrade needs, kicks the crap out of the mobility one and you can overclock it out the wahzoo, but it will use more power, is larger and gives you better performance.

Is this even close or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

The reason i ask is because on the graphics hierarchy chart available on Tom's hardware, follow this link...,2803-7.html

... it has listed most cards and the 2 different versions (discrete/mobility) and im trying to make sense of it.

Thanks for your time
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    Mobility Radeon or Geforce XYZ M means that those GPUs are for laptops.
    Discrete graphics cards are for Desktops only.

    The naming schemes for laptop GPUs bear no resemblance to their desktop counterparts.
    Like for eg. the mobility Radeon HD 5850 is only as fast as the desktop HD 5770.
  2. You have it absolutely right.
    I can understand the confusion since the 2 different M&D cards/Chips are listed together but on closer inspection you can see it's the Hierarchy Chart....
    Which basically means the changing of a chip according to time, performance and names.
    It's like a Family Tree.... look at it from that perspective..... it'll all get simpler.
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