1000 $ build

Suggestions for the following needs:

- Pure computing power (simulation in Matlab)
- No gaming, no video editing, nothing graphically intensive
- already have win 7 64, keyboard, mouse and monitor
- Will use mainly a SSD (120 gig)
- Need a quiet and classy case
- no or only moderate overclock (maybe 4 ghz ?) because I want the system to last

I guess the main factor is H67 vs P67 ?
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  1. H67, but I suggest you post in the builds section.
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  3. Well, my suggestion. (W/ the fact that I don't know ANYTHING about MatLab, is that like Maya or like Blender)

    Mobo - H67 (Not sure on an H67 suggestion yet because I don't really browse them usually and most of the good ones have yet to be released)
    CPU - 2500 or 2600. No K means no unlocked multiplier which means no overclocking. You don't really need to overclock for these CPUs to last as they perform just fine at stock. H67 = you have integrated graphics w/ loss of overclocking. P67 = you have overclocking w/ loss of integrated. (might be wrong on that though)
    Memory - G.Skill Ripjaws X 8GB (2x4gb) 85$.
    SSD - Vertex 3 when they release next quarter.
    Power Supply - Antec 500c Neo Eco
    Case - Budget?

    To better help you please fill this out.

  4. BTW I suggest waiting for Z68 which comes out in May or June. That should be what would fit since you require stronger CPU power, which no benches have been leaked but the previews have shown Z68 to be fairly good.
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