Newer System Build shuts down during gaming!! Help!!

My system is probably about 8 months old but due to work i havent really had time to sit and play any games that much till this past week, and this is when i found the problem!

the system randomly shuts down while i play games! sometimes it will take over an hour sometimes less than 5 minutes.

the system is :

EVGA Classified3 E770
CoreI7 940 @ 3.3GHz
12gb Gskill DDR3 12800
OCZ Vertex 120gb SSD
300gb Raptor
2x 1TB WD Drives in a RAID 1 on the SATA6 Raid Controller
3x EVGA GTX470 Video Cards (Std Clock)
EVGA 8400gs PhysX
Antec Quattro 1000W PSU

The games that usually make it crash are

NFS Pro Street

but i can play Black Ops fine?

and lastly sometimes the system freezes up and then on reboot the kb and mouse dont recognize and then i have to unplug it to get it to restart correct again.

i have windows 7 pro with all updates. and all the correct and updated drivers.

can anyone help please!?!?!?
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  1. Did u install any updates or new drivers?
  2. i got no problems found with the memory test, and the drivers were updated a few months ago but thats it. and i just keep up with the windows updates.
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