6870 to much for a AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition 3.2GHz?

Hi guys,

Contemplating buying my girlfriend a 6870 for her PC which currently has a AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition 3.2GHz CPU but wondering if this would be too much and just bottle neck the processor.

If you do think this is too much, what card would you recommend?

Wanted to go with ATI as her boards crossfire compactable and I like the idea of maybe being able to make use of that later if not right now.

Last thing, anyone know any good guides to help me understand these kinds of issues better?

Thanks for the help guys
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  1. No, it will not bottleneck a single HD 6870. However, if you're running two of them in CrossFireX, they may be CPU bottlenecked.
  2. I'm using that processor on a MSI 790FX-GD70, amazing board, managed to open the other 2 cores with the new bios. Now two of the 6870's will work pretty smoothly without bottlenecks in CF I guess.
  3. Just depends on the game settings. Of course, since you have a BE there is no reason not to overclock it at least a little. You will encounter CPU bottlenecks more often with crossfire than just a single card. Anyway, you can always just search

    CPU scaling

    and you will see a number of articles come up. Some focus on specific games while others may tackle the dependency of the CPU in Multi-GPU configurations.
  4. Thanks for the input guys.

    Actually ordered a Gigabyte 6850 OC in the end cus I then have the option of buying another later to put into crossfire without having to buy a new PSU and the Gigabyte seemed to have the better cooler of that price range with maybe the exception of the Sapphire Toxic which like a 6870 has 2 x 6 pin power sockets. Probably have to play about with overclocking the CPU before that but I’m the type a guy that always like to keep his options open.

    Anyway, thanks again all.
  5. The only reason that CPU would bottleneck any graphical setup, is if you have too much graphical power for the resolution you use.

    The bottleneck only occurs when your graphics card could have more FPS than your monitor can display (over 60).

    What monitor resolution does your girlfriend have?

    (This comment is based on typical games. There are always games that draw outside the lines).
  6. Thanks for the post.

    At the moment she’s using the TV, so 1152x864 atm.

    At that resolution what noticeable difference would they be between a 6850 and a 5750 for example?

    Anyway, later in the year we’re moving her PC into a different room where she can have a desk with a monitor so things should sort its self out later.

    What resolution do you think would bring the best balance between the CPU and GPU with a 6850 and a 555 BE?
  7. At that resolution, a 5770 or 450 would likely give her the performance she desires. However, if the plan is to upgrade her resolution, then you might find your original card to be a good choice.
  8. Cool, thanks :)
  9. Ok, last thing…

    Should I have brought the standard version of the Gigabyte 6850 and tried to overclock myself?

    I ordered the overclocked version of this card but because it’s the weekend they haven’t processed the order so there’s still time to change it.

    A guy on another forum says that oc version of Gigabyte card has got non-reference voltage controller that doesn’t allow software voltage control but not really sure what that would mean.

    What are your thoughts?

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