Gateway p-7811fx Display Problem

I recently got a p-7811fx with a broken screen, from my folks. A shop told them the screen is all that's wrong.

I've now replaced the screen...the inverter...not a flicker of light. The VGA-out on the laptop drives an external monitor just fine. In another thread in this forum, I see references to big overheating problems, and to it having a video card (I thought onboard video was more likely, but perhaps not...)

Does this laptop have a replaceable video card? Anyone have other suggestions, after replacing the visibly broken screen & also the inverter waferboard?

Thanks for any help...
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  1. BTW the display adapter shows up looking good in Device Mangler, NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS. My external monitor shows up as a Generic in the Monitors section, the laptop's monitor does not show. Display Properties on the desktop shows a Monitor 2, but even when I activate it, nothing happens, and Display Properties seemingly wants to forget that monitor is active at the drop of a hat.
  2. More diagnosis led to a significant discovery...indeed the system is not seeing the monitor, the replacement screen I replaced was the wrong monitor. So a different screen is on its way now.

    I never did find if the video card can be replaced.
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