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PSU for ATi 5850

Hi guys,
i m buying a new gaming pc

my specs are:
i5 2.8GHz (760)
Intel DP55WB Mobo
ATi 5850
Transcend 2x 2GB DDR3

now my problem is that i am pretty confused about the PSU.
ati official website says 500w is enough.

nw i have choose a PSU
Thermaltake TR2 RX 550W

i have also calculated my power consumption at
my power consumption was 404W at full 100% load

can any1 plz chk da above link of the psu and check if it will run my pc.
i really need an expert advise on this.

Thanks very much in advance.....
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    Yes it will support the rig. As a matter of fact it will be just fine for your board.....and GPU
    TT says it's quad GPU capable, I really doubt that, but for a single GPU and the rig it's just fine, since your board is not capable of CF I leave it out as an option for further upgrades, thus it's pretty much ok and fine and will work perfectly for a long time to come.
  2. thanks very much. but i do have 3 ohtr questions

    1. should i go with i5 2.8ghz (760) or 2.66ghz (750) ?? almost da same cost for me
    2. 5850 or 6850 ?? again, itz almost da same cost
    3. should i go for a h55 motherboard cuz i would save me money?? but will da h55 mobo reduce da performance of dis rig compared 2 a p55 mobo. i dont hve any wish 2 OC. i will not CF.
  3. 1. Go for the 760 @ 2.8GHz....
    Although you don't seem interested in OCing, I'd still say stick to the 760 since it has ample head room for OCing.... maybe tomorrow you might just want to OC it.... :)

    2. Go for the HD6850....... it's a model ahead of the 5850 but computing power wise it's as good as the 5850..... call it one step ahead of the 5850 so if the price is same go for other reason, since you don't OC....

    3. I'd stick to the P55 due to quite a few factors, the H55 is only worth it if you're going to use the IGP otherwise it's a waste.....
  4. 1. ok i will hve 760

    2. i hve been reading reviews and found out dat 5850 is better in all aspect except dat 5850 consumes more power under load (for ur info, 5850 consumes less power dan 6850 at idle)
    i personally prefer 5850

    3. my ques was dat, wid my rig (everything same for both mobo), p55 vs h55, will there b ne difference in performance.
  5. It's plenty to run the pc. If you go P55 and plan crossfire later, you should go with a 650w.
  6. Difference in performance depends on how you measure it...... if you check the USBs and the PCI Lanes and the IGP than yes you might hinder the performance, but if you check IGP performance alone then no it'll be a plus.....
    Since you're using a discrete GPU it's better to go with a board that does not waste it's resources on something you are not going to use, like the IGP.
    And yes of course there ought to be a change in the performance if everything was to be done by the CPU...
  7. i m curious 2 ask anothr ques
    1x 4Gb ram or 2x 2Gb ram?
    i heard dat if i hve 2x2gb den it gets dual channel or sumthing
    which 1s beter for gaming performance??

    basically i m frm Bangladesh.da rams 4 my budget r 1333MHz, a 2gb 1333 costs me abt $31.5 and a 2gb 1600mhz costs abt $47
    is it worthy 2 buy 2x2gb 1600mhz compared to 2x2gb 1333 (or 1x4gb 1333)??
  8. Yes, it's worth it to buy 2X2Gb of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, it's a lot more better than
    4 X1Gb RAMs...... For gaming or otherwise......
    Since you don't plan to OC, it's best that you go for the 1600MHz ones
    But wait!! Your board does not support 1600MHz , it supports only 1066 and 1333 DIMMs....
    So you need to get the 2 X 2Gb 1333Mhz RAM Modules
  9. i actually ment

    1x 4GB 1333 ($62)
    2x 2GB 1333($31.5 each, $63 total)
    2x 2GB 1600 ($46.5 each, $94 total)

    i will play games lyk gta4, nfs, call of duty and etc...... @ 1920x1080
    will da 1600MHz rams make any significant difference

    and will da pair of 1600MHz run well on da psu. i also hve plans 2 get another hdd aftr a year.....
  10. As long as the ram is in pairs, then your running dual channel. BUt you don't want 4x1gb sticks because if you want to add more ram later, all your slots will be full, so go for 2x2gb.
    Ram has no influence on the psu.
  11. thanks very much 2 both of u 4 helping me out....
  12. i have a 5850, amd phenom II x4 (125w) 4 120mm led fans, 1 200mm exhaust fan, and 2 12" diodes on a 500w rig, so yes
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