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Compare 5870, 6950, 6970, 6970

Which of the following card is better with 1 GB GDDR5 Ram ?
ATI Radeon HD 5870

ATI Radeon HD 6950

ATI Radeon HD 6870

ATI Radeon HD 6970
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  1. The HD6950 and HD6970 only come in 2GB DDR5 variants.

    The HD6970 is the best out of those cards, the HD6870 is the weakest. The HD6950 is a good value IF if you have a 1920x1080 resolution. If you have 1680x1050 then go with an HD6870.
  2. I guess the best would be the 6970.... but when you opt for a card with that sort of computing power you ought to go for 2GB plus versions......
    For a 1GB version the 5870 does plenty as long as you have a good rig with high speed ram a good south bridge and a 3GHz plus processor.....
  3. The 69xx series 1G version should be coming out soon(3-4weeks),i would wait till then.
  4. Well I have square 17" monitor for me. I am a hardcore gamer kind of person playing mostly FPS games. I had 8600GT 512 MB since last 3 three years and it has become quite outdated. I thought core frequency was the deciding factor for the fastest graphics card and not the memory. So i think it will be better to buy ATI Radeon 5870 even for 22" screen ??

    Can it take that much resolution at highest graphics settings or do I have to go for HD 6950 or 6970 ??
  5. I have Inter Quad core Q6600 and 3GB Ram with 8600GT installed on my system. My motherboard is Intel DG33FB . Which one would the best to buy for 22" monitor at highest settings for today type high end games ?? My budget is upto 17K INR ??
  6. Depends what is playable fps for you? Most people that play video games find that 30fps is playable.Others(like me) like to have 60+fps and cannot play if it is under 60.

    What is the speed your q6600 is at?
  7. Q6600 runs at 2.4 Ghz. Wll till now I have been playing at , but now it is going to be 60FPS because my card is too old for that. Please suggest me me a card which is compatible with DG33FB motherboard and which can perform hastle free at 1080p resolutions (22" scren) at maxed out settings for games like COD modern wafare 2, Battlefield, Crysis(especially), Crysis 2 and games like that.
  8. Any "high-end" grapihcs card you put in your system might get held back because of your slow CPU speed,i would suggest to at least 3ghz to get the most out of the card.

    I would reccomend a 6870 i believe it's more than capable of maxing out games at your resoultion but if you have the money get a 5870 or a 6950.But like i said in the other post,the 69xx series cards will be coming out with 1G versions soon so i would wait until then.Also i think the prices will drop even more for the 58xx series cards in the next coming weeks.
  9. But in the other persons reply HD 6870 is the weakest card on the deck here. I dont get it why after having highest core clock, it is an under performer to HD 5870. Offcourse 69xx series is better tha both. Can you please explain ??
  10. I only suggested the 6870 because it is capable of maxing out games at your resoultion,yes out of all the cards listed it is the "weakest" but also the cheapest.But if you want to spend money on a "high end" card then out of those i would get the 6970.But with any of these cards you get,it is important to increase the speed of your prossesor or else you the cards won't be reaching their maximum performance.They will be bottlenecked by your CPU.
  11. Also the 5870 is only a little bit slower than the 6950.Averging 5-10fps difference in most games.The only way the 69xx series cards really outperform other cards is at very high resoultions.Like 5000x1080
  12. Doubts cleared. One final question. Then even if I buy 6870 there will not be any problem running these above games at 1080p resolution, they will be running hassle free, is it ?? Can you tell me the price difference between 5870 and 6870 ??
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    O,i didn't realize you were going to use a 1080p monitor.A 5870 would be the better option then.But again, the 69xx series cards will be coming out with 1G versions and that would be your best bang for buck,in my opinion.
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