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My PSU good enough?

I'm a little on the fence on which GPU to choose because I'm afraid i'll have to upgrade the PSU also, my question is will the set up below be okay with my stock 250w? (HP computer)

Set up:
Phenom II X4 840T - 95w
Sapphire 6670 1GB - 65w :

I've read on multiple websites that the power consumption for the 6670 1GB, MAX TDP is around 65w. So would I need to upgrade the power supply or just remain with the same one. If more information is needed about the PSU in my system please leave a reply and I will post it on here.

Here's one source that shows the wattage:

Also if this is necessary:
CD Drive

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. Dear Halo Don,
    Considering the site you showed me i have seen it before. and i'm sceptical if it's a good site or not. But your 250watt SHOULD be fine for the card,cpu and specs you listed.
    here below is the 6670 at MAX power usage. meaning it will draw no more then this when at full load.

    In any case if you do notice your computer crashing,not starting right,shutting off then a cheap 300-400watt psu is maybe 30 dollars at most and you would be set.
    the link you sent me a guy also commented and said it runs fine with a 300watt. im sure 250watt should be enough as well.

  2. You need a better psu.
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    I wouldn't say you actually "need" a new PSU for it. But I do warn that such a configuration could begin to stress that PSU should the CPU and GPU both have to operate at full load for extended periods.

    Also, with better GPU's (5750/5770 & 6750/6770) within a $10 to $20 stone's throw of that 6670, it doesn't offer nearly the same performance/dollar value as a 5770. Especially considering how much better the performance of a 5770 would be.

    If within budget, I'd be more inclined to go with the following card:
    $110 ($90 after rebate)

    To cover the additional power requirement, I'd choose one of the following PSUs:
    Antec 380D for $40 -
    Corsair CX430 for $45 ($25 after rebate) -

    Basically, $50 more bucks (up-front) can get you a much better card and a high-quality PSU. If you go for the card and Corsair PSU, after-rebate cost is only $115, which is only $15 more than where you started with just the 6670 card.
  4. If it's a no-name PSU (it is) then just get an Antec 380 or something.
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