My W7 64bit only detects 4 out of 8gb of RAM...

Its a gateway nv53a24u laptop. i upgraded the ram from 4 to 8gbs.

my rainmeter and taskmanager only recognize 4 gbs of ram while Speccy and my msconfig/boot recognize all 8gbs... what gives?
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  1. is there any further information i can provide to allow someone to help me out?
  2. What is your windows version?

    U need to have a x64bit windows.
  3. i wrote it in the title, but it's listed as

    Operating System
    MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    In the Computer - Properties window it states:

    Installed Memory (RAM): 8.00GB (3.74 Usable)
  4. Is it unchecked in the msconfig, the max memory?
  5. The max memory box was not checked. I checked it and increased the number to the max (8192). Then I applied and restarted my machine.
    Now, when looking at the msconfig-boot-advanced, the checkbox is checked but the number has reverted back to zero.

    I can post screenshots, if need be.
  6. I will run both when im done with class this evening and post results.

  7. Ran memtest for about 1 and 1/2 hours with no errors. Havent had a chance to run the mem diag tool yet.
  8. Would this help? In my resource monitor, all 8gbs is listed but theres a 4gb Hardware Reserve...

  9. :sigh:
    i switched the modules slots around in the machine and its working fine now...
    thanks for your time!
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