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I need a single video card in a single PC that will output the same thing to 5 different LCD monitors. The monitors will be using a coax type RD 59 hook up for the LCD input. Each LCD monitor could be as far as 100 feet from the PC. Is there a card that has one output to a pigtail 5 port splitter? Coax will be the preferred method of hookup at the monitor. They dont have VGA inputs. RD 59 hook up
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  1. What type of stuff are you looking to display? Games/presentations?

    It is a mini display adapater but is it sometihng liek this that your looking for?
  2. It will display call center information such as 1. how many people are waiting in Q 2. How long they've been waiting 3. How many calls have been taken in a day Etc. Since this is a licensed product they only want to buy one license and display it to 5 different LCD Monitors. The LCDs don't have VGA inputs. I guess I would say it is a very low key presentation. Nothing like a game or movie. Any suggestions?
  3. Well i'm sorry i can't be much help to you.Only thing i can say is that even if you are displaying the same thing on 5 monitors it will take more "Horsepower" than your regular standard entry graphics card.
    I would think something this "large" you could easily get help from a local computer store.Such as GeekSquad,they will probably set it up for you too.
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