Is this power an overkill?

Hi, I'm planning to build a new computer very soon.
I'm on a budget(650~700) and these are the specs that I was considering

cpu: phenom II X4 955 BE
ram: corsair 2gb x 2 1600mhz
mobo: asrock 870 extreme 3
gpu: sapphire vapor x hd 5770 1gb (planning to crossfire later in the year)
case: cooler master gladiator 600
hdd: samsung 1tb sata2 7200rpm
psu: corsair cmpsu-650hx

I'll be using this computer for moderate gaming(I'm probably going to play only the elder scroll games - morrowind and oblivion, both heavily modded, and skyrim). I won't be overclocking the cpu, as I dont know how and am kinda scared :o . Is the power(cmpsu-650hx) an overkill for my needs, or is it ok? As I'm on a budget, if it's a major overkill I would like to replace the power to something less expensive. Also I'm planning to use the stock fan for the cpu and not get any additional fans for my case except for the 2 that comes with it. Would I need better cooling(w/o oc) or would I be alright?

Thank you!
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  1. Get the 650TX, it's cheaper. Or the Antec 650. Get a HD 6850 if you can, you're buying off Newegg?
  2. 650 isn't massive overkill, but you could run that system on a 550W PSU, and there are certainly cheaper 650W PSUs around. I would not recommend the 650TX as it is outdated, and the V2 version is really only better in that it meets the requirements for 80Plus Bronze level efficiency.
    The Antec Truepower New TPN-650 has the same level of efficiency, is cheaper and also modular (which the TX series is not), and not that it really matters for your build, but it also comes with four PCI-e connectors, which neither 650TX does.
  3. Yeah, Antec's 650W TruePower or Earthwatts Series will be PLENTY. I'm running 2x470s on my 650W Earthwatts.
  4. So is the corsair 650hx pretty much like the antec truepower or earthwatts 650w, performance-wise? I looked at the prices and the truepower and the earthwatts both cost more than the corsair 650hx because of the combo deal/rebates @ newegg. (the corsair 650hx is $80 with the rebate and plus tax) I thought about it and that actually seems like a decent deal so I might just stick with the 650hx unless it realllly sucks.
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    Ok, usually the Corsair 650HX is more expensive than the Truepower New 650, but if it is cheaper then definitely go for it.
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  7. Awesome, thanks! :)
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