Is this a good setup for my case' cooling system

this link will bring you to the cooling setup for my CM Storm Scout.
Blue means intake, red means exhaust.
the two 120mm intake fans on the side panels have an airflow of at least 74 cfm and same with the exhaust 120 fan on the rear(back).
on top, is a 140mm exhaust fan with an airflow of at least 60 cfm same with the the two 120 intake fans infront (one on top and on the bottom).

So is this setup the best way to put it. If anyone have a suggestion on what i should do to make make computer's cooling setup much better than what i did, please do so.

Thank you for your effort and time to answer my question.
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  1. looks pretty good
    heat does rise and you have it exhausting from the top mainly

    Personally in my experience I like a straight front intake to back exhaust
    spread evenly throughout case
    basically cool air from front exhausting straight out the top and bottom
    of the back

    I have read that the side intakes are controversial
    some say they help
    others say they dont

    also there is the question of positive air vs negative air pressure
    I like more exhaust fans than intake fans to create a negative air pressure
    basically the case is sucking in air

    but fan placement in a case is a matter of trial and error
    what works good for one case/setup might work horrible in another system

    what you have there looks like it should be pretty good
    IF you have cooling problems consider adding exhaust in back and removing one intake
    but only if there is a lack of cooling
  2. Yes your set up should give you effective cooling, but its now down to trial and error for the fine tuning the only way you will find out is installing the components and have them running prime with hardware monitor running.
  3. You're good .... In at front side and out thru top rear is SOP (standard operating procedure) ...... with more fans blowing in than out you can be sure that dust won't be sucked in thru grilles , slots and cracks.
  4. Hey lets start the negative vs postive air pressure argument

    Dust is ALWAYS going to get in

    effective filtration is the best defense

    not positive air pressure

    air needs to move OUT of the case

    with positive air pressure (more intakes than exhaust) you
    end up with "dead spots" in the case which can cause overheating

    Just my humble opinion of course :)

    I could be wrong.....
  5. Thanks for the quick reply everyone! What i did is exchange the top side fan on the top front fan. Since the front fan doesn't really push air alot and heat goes up, I considered having a slower/lower cfm fan on that side panel. Just a correction on my info, the front bottom fan is 140mm with at least 60 cfm, and i'm thinking of buying a better fan than that. Which should I replace? the on the the top fan (not top front fan), the one from the bottom front fan or both. Both have the same specification and I'm just wondering if that's a good idea.
  6. well more cfm is usually good if the fans are quiet enough
    if the budget allows for both then do both
    but as i said I lean towards more exhaust power than intake power
    which is sort of controversial in the computer forum world LOL
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