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External GPU

Hey, Is there any such thing as an external GPU anymore? (via USB 3.0/eSATA/PCI-e)
I would like to get more life out of my laptop

thanks for the help :)
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    Mini pci-e yes but rare, usb 2.0 also yes but almost non existent and most here don't have any recall beyond two or three months when it comes to hardware. Performance of external gpus is so poor that as a product have failed. USB enclosures for gpus popped up in 2008/9 only to disappear due to the limited performance and poor thermals. Mini pci-e adapters only exist for the use for laptops and netbooks but limit pci-e performance to only 1x and high latency but in practice it does work but loaded with issues. eSata no as that is tied to storage only as it uses IDE commands and SAS is SCSI based with SATA backward compatibility.
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  3. Thanks for the reply :) am out off luck
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