Controlling gpu fan speed?

Well, I'm looking to force my gpu's fan to always run at 50% speed. (ATI 4850 HD) However here's the problem, no matter what software I use to change the fan setting (CCC, Rivatuner, MSI Afterburner), the fan speed doesn't actually stay at 50%.

Here's what happens:
I go into gpu software and set fan speed manually to maintain 50% speed.
Fan goes to 50% speed right away. (so far so good...)
I being to play some random game.
Fan speed goes back and forth between my original setting of 50% and some variable speed. (not what I want!)

I just want to lock my card at 50% without it speeding up automatically. It won't seem to work, whatever I do. Is what I'm wanting possible?

Thanks for all your help!
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  1. The card manufacturer may have the fan speed locked out in the card's firmware. If so, the fan speed can not be overridden.
  2. Try unistalling all the software you used to adjust the speed and only use CCC.They might be trying to overwrite eachother.Unistall the drivers for the card and reinstall,then go to CCC and try manual from there.
  3. Tried your suggestion but still doesn't work right. I downgraded from catalyst 10.12 to 10.11 but the problem still persists, so I don't know. =/
  4. Who made your card?Try looking at the FAQ's on their site,or contact them ask them if they know about any firmware.
  5. Checked the firmware, but couldn't find anything. Then decided to check the heat of my gpu as well. Turns out it was overheating and pumping up the fan speed to compensate. After cleaning out a bunch of dust that had collected in its heatsink, the temp lowered by about 30C the the problem was fixed.
  6. O wow,thats good you got that straighted out.

    Happy Gaming.
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