Motherboard for i5 2400

I have bought a cpu and I want a mobo. I am new to computer building.
I would like it to be around $100 and maybe asus or another major brand

I would also like to know if i should change it to a 2500k.
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  1. also the fan that came with the cpu good enough?
  2. You have not told us enough about what you use the computer for, if you plan to overclock, if you plan to use on-cpu graphics or a discrete graphics card, or what your budget is.

    Therefore no one can make a recommendation.
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    I'm getting new PC soon, and i5 2400 will be part of it and I chose MSI P67S C43(B3) it costs a bit more than a 100$ but its a great mobo it supports up to 32 GB of RAM and SATA 3 and USB 3.0 too.
  4. i have no plan to overclock and My cpu is core i5 2400s which is a 1155 socket.
    I dont plan to buy a graphics card so, "on cpu graphics" I think....
    Sorry for the lack of info I will try to answer them to get a good mobo for me thank you
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