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Corsair LP // VS // G.Skill Ripjaws // VS // Hyper X Blue

Hi guys !

Im decided to build my new pc.

Got all parts except RAM

Im unsure bettwen these brands : ----------DDR3 4GB KIT 2x2 Corsair PC1600 CL9 Vengeance BlauLP-9.9.24 ----------DDR3 4GB KIT 2x2 PC1600 Kingston HyperX CL9-9-9-27 ----------DDR3 4GB KIT 2x2 G.Skill PC1600 CL9 RipJaws-9.9.24

What to chose bettwen this ?

Thank you all ! :)
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  1. Buy Corsair .
  2. Depends on the CPU, MOBO and OS.

    For SB/LGA 1155 stay away from 1.65v RAM, for AMD 4~6 cores and FX the Ripjaws, and for LGA 1155 the Corsair. Again, it depends. Further, if your OS is 64-bit then none and instead look for a 2x4GB kit if not a 4x4GB.

    Q - What MOBO, CPU and OS?
    Q - What's the purpose of the Build?
  3. The mobo is H61M-VS
    Cpu : I3-2100
    OS will be either a 32 or 64 bit (have both of them)

    Im building this rig for gaming and watching HD movies and some photoshop :)
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    The H61 chipset allows only DDR3-1333 and if you edit large Photoshop files then get 4x4GB DDR3-1333 @ 1.50v. If you want to speed things up then look for CAS 8 or 7; lower CAS is faster but the overall difference is minimal. More GB of RAM is best, and I'd look at value DDR3-1333 kits.

    >4GB of RAM requires 64-bit OS eg Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
  5. I looked up the ASRock H61M-VS it's 2xDIMM so get 2x4GB DDR3-1333. I typically don't look at H61/H67 I know key limits eg no OC.
  6. Thank you for the info.

    So you are saying that mobo is crap ? :D

    I choosed it cuz of my tight budget and it fits my budget for 38 Euros.

    Haf 912 made me do this decision its 70 Euros :S so i had to get a cheaper mobo.

    Should i get a P67 cheapset ?
  7. Nope, if you don't care to OC it's fine and does its' job. If you want to OC then yeah maybe, but you'd need a SB 'K' CPU.

    Using the non-K I might look at the H67 more ports/DIMM slots. If your budget is really tight then use every penny on the GPU!
  8. Ok thank you .

    I decided to get HD 6850 Sapphire vs 6770/Gtx 550 Ti Asus/Hd 6790

    The case that will be avaible for lots of upgrading got that 70 euros.

    4Gb Ram are enough for now and if i need more ill buy more later.

    The cpu is the top of Dual Cores right now and at a nice price.

    Already have Hdd and Dvd.

    And the PSU is a XFX Pro Core 550W +20 Euro to get the 750 W.
  9. No, 4GB of RAM is not enough; see ->,2778-8.html ; and note the 64-bit games.
  10. I have already seen this .. i will try to extend the budget and get 8Gb of ram :) thank you.

    Also ull get best answer ..Ill ask a mod to edit this ok :)

    Thank you
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