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A quick OS memory question

So I've just recently added an extra 4 GB of RAM to my 8 GB system to get a total of 12 GB. I was just browsing through my system when I noticed that the Windows 7 System Info page in the Control Panel says I've got 11.9 GB of useable ram. Now I know .1 GB isnt that much but I'm just curious why that would happen. Any ideas?

Oh and while we're on that page, it also shows my turbo boost being only 3.6 GHz when I know my 2500k's turbo is 3.7. Any idea's as to what's causing the discrepancy? CPU-Z shows my clock going up to 3.7.

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    "Any idea's as to what's causing the discrepancy?"

    Rounding errors?
  2. I can understand that for the core clock, but what about the memory?
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