Customizing a computer case with 5.25 expansion bays

okay so the 5.25 bays are the the drive bays.

So far I've got just a Drive bay for it and i have 3 more slots.

So What I'm thinking of for my case that has 3 extra:

---|Storage Drawer - I've found one but i cannot say it's good. Can somebody find me a newegg/amazon link that has a good one?
---|FAN Controller / Temperate monitor - Yeah I'm not too sure but i found this: ----OR----
---|Anything else i can get, the ones above don't have a temp monitor so i can buy a seperate for that too. But anything cool would work and i Don't need an HDD cooler or an extra fan. I'm not getting much heat from my PC Anyways, And i've already got some 120mm fans for the other sides of the case!

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  1. anybody?
  2. On spending accesories: ~$50
  3. And i've already got myself some 120mm fans
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