Right cpu motherboard for gaming

i am going to build a budget gaming system on which i will be playing games like crysis 2,,blackops,GTA4

i am building this for next 2 years or so

here are some parts i am planning to get

CPU : core i3 2100
motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2-B3
Graphic card : GTX 560 Ti

i am playing the games on 1280X1024 resolution

so my question is will core i3 2100 bottleneck GTX 560 Ti ?

and also will H61 chipset affect the performance of system?(besides USB ports and sata 6gb; i am not going to get ssd)
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  1. bottleneck because of what H61 chipset or core i3 2100?
  2. I'd try hard to save another $50-$70 and opt for the i5-2400 at $189...

    Qaud core.....!
  3. i am also now thinking of 2400 but my concern is will H61 chipset will have anything to do with gamiing performance considering i am not going for SLI and SSD

    i heard that H61 has 6 PCIe lanes will that limit the performance of GTX 560Ti?
  4. The specs at Newegg say that an Asrock H61 based board has a single PCIx16 slot; perhaps the 6 lanes limitation comes into play on other motherboards if you use another PCI-e card in the other slots?


    I would not expect it's performance to be any less than a P67 at stock clocks with two RAM sticks using a single video card....
  5. some of the H67 boards also have 3 PCI slots, and a single PCI-e(16) slot, and 3 each PCI-e(1x) slots....; I'd suspect that perhaps if some of the PCI-e(1x) slots are used, perhaps internal MB switching might reroute up to 8 of the GPU lanes to use w/ the other slots....(even though the other slots are only 1x lanes...)

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