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1600 mhz or 2133 mhz?

i am building an x79 system, and am contemplating ram speed. is 2133 mhz worth the extra money (50-100% increased price) or should i just get 1600 mhz and wait for prices to come down?
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  1. I would get 1600 speed, you can always overclock if needed and 1600 is pretty darn fast on its own.
  2. 1600. 2133 can make the system unstable. Intel doesn't recommend you to go over 1333 but 1600 is still stable. Anything above can cause instabilities.
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    sb-e use quad chanel so use 4 sticks of 1600 (cl7 or less), it will equals to 6400mhz (estimated) in ram performance

    sbe supports upto 1600 natively, anything higher than that will need xmp and will not provide any benifit.
  4. thanks a ton!! i love this site.
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