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My Geforce 210 make my life miserable after upgrade newest software

my nvidia Geforce 210 has being weird just after upgrade software from Nvidia itself.....i have few games that defect with this abnormality
1.dynasty warrior 6 occur bad and lagging graphic from beginning of titles (no diffrent even if i change all the graphic and resolutions graphic )
2.ghost recon 2 warfighter occur wrong resolution from beginning (but after settings i get my old resolution again) trek legacy occur slow and lag graphic when i play

all graphics setting and resolutions are purely not changes and set the highest as my CPU and GPU can....this abnormality has just happen AFTER i update new software from Nvidia itself.....need help ASAP

do i have to reinstal the games that defect or should i set all major graphic setting from Nvidia it self and windows OR should i reinstal the graphic card that i have using CD software from i buy?? :sarcastic:
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    I think you should first try to un-install the current nvidia drivers and download and install an older version of the drivers. For example, the current drivers are
    260.99 (October 25, 2010), so maybe try 260.89 (October 18, 2010) or 258.96 (July 19, 2010).
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  3. that i though so enderwiggin....i will reinstal the VGA drivers then
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