Windows + games not detecting monitor correctly but graphics card can



Windows Xp Pro
Processor: Intel core 2 duo 6600 2.4ghz
Memory: 2gb
Direct X: 9.0c
Graphics card: Sapphire ati 4870 1gb vapor x

Recently my monitor broke and I have been forced to use my 1080p tv in a replacement for the time being. I connected the tv. (As I have done before) And at first windows correctly detected the monitor, however when the computer was shut down, there was an error message that popped up saying. Microsoft net framwork had crashed. Since then anything using the netfix program crashes ((Weather it uses vesion 1,2,3 or 4.

But also the main issue is windows stopped correctly detecting my hd tv. it only gives the 800-600 size but ati catalyst gives correct options and resizes the screen correctly. However there is an issue with games and programs, they can no longer detect the monitor resolutions or graphics card. ((For example Mass effect defaults to 800-600 resolution)) and world of warcraft just states custom resolution. Where as the times 3 simply states cannot detect video card.))

I have removed and reinstalled both the graphics card itself and the drivers but nothing works. Even using an old vga monitor that has 1026 - 768 defaults to 800-600 in windows and only the ati catalyst program can correctly size it. ((however issue remains in games etc.))

Note all worked fine till microsoft net framework crashed as I was shutting down the computer. ((All programs were closed on pc and had been for around 5 minutes.))

I still cannot get windows to detect the old vga monitor or the hdtv. So any help would be appriciated.

((I am debating just saving information from the hard disc that i need to an external storage device and wiping the computer to see if a fresh install of windows fixes the error.))
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  1. Issue has been found to be with windows and new catalyst drivers.

    I am going to downgrade drivers for the time being till an update on either windows or ati's side is done.
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