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Ok i just built a new computer! (I'm on it now), and wondering it this is a good fan speed and temperature on my CPU, i used Speedfan, because at first the speed was at 6500rpm, and reaaally loud, it hurt my ears! (I use amd phenom II x4 955BE stock cooler.) I put the fan to 35% and now it's really quiet. The speed is now at 3500rpm and the temperature is at 43-45 celsius. Is that good? (for stock cooler.) Oh and now i can actually hear the case fans. ;)
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  1. That's a little high for idle, but won't hurt anything if the load temps don't get too high. What are your temperatures under load?
  2. Soon going to test everything out, downloading 3d mark vantage, and going to test how hot it's going to get while gaming. Put it in in about an hour.
  3. Ok while i was playing Assassins Creed: Brotherhood the temperature got as high as 55 celcius, is that bad? Should i turn up the fan speed a bit while im playing? I played it at full settings.
  4. Those are good temps. I run prime 95 and mine get to about 64 to 67c on 100% load for a hour. Thats while i am und3r the assumption you have a cpu cooler while getting thoughs temp on assisins gaming? If not then your doing something great. But i get about 45 to 55c while gaming for 5 hours and i have a cryorig r1 cpu cooler.
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