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I currently have a dell dimension 3100 with windows XP and I'm thinking of getting a siemens pentium D dual core PC with the latest ubuntu version.

now, I was wondering if I could link them together so that I can access all files from the one computer on the other and vice versa. how can this be done?
also I only have one monitor and switching the cable every time I use the other computer is a bit of a nuisance. is there any chance of connecting the monitor to both PCs, or having it plugged into the one PC, while accepting graphics from the other?
and then there is my internet connection. I have a 54mbps wireless network via a USB adapter. any chance it could function for both systems similar to the monitor?
I don't mind having one system with slower internet. I'll be using one system mainly for surfing/downloading/playing mmobg's and the other for apps. having both systems connected is preferable though.

It isn't a problem to create a dual boot of xp/ubuntu on my current system if it helps with compatibility. getting another windows intallment is out of the question.
and yes, I will be using both systems so switching the monitor is a must.

thanks in advance
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  1. To answer two out of your three question:

    to switch the monitor you could use a KVM switch which will allow you to use ONE keyboard, mouse, and monitor on both computers.

    I would recommend to get another Wireless PCI card for the Ubantu since you might have an drive issue with a Wireless USB adapter.
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