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About window 7 can we use turbo c or turbo c++,masam in windows 7,is there any software that help us to convert 64bit to
32bit? can i remove the dictection of camera when ever i start up my system cameras flash light blinks,how to deactive flash light ? to dectect usb port in windows 7.i bought new laptop and now i m facing lot of problems such as usb ports are not dectecting my ipod is not dectected in my system can any body help me to overcome this problem?
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  1. If it's new why don't you contact the OEM?
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    well... your compiler will dictate what you export to for 32 or 64 bit, that is not a win7 issue
    Check BIOS for a way to disable the light on the camera, but I dobut ther are any options there
    If USB ports are not working then it means you do not have the correct motherboard drivers. Go to the manufacturer's website and download the correct drivers. If none can be found then try the Vista drivers. Remember to match 32 or 64bit drivers for your OS.
    This is one of many reasons not to change the OS for prebuilt computers. You never know what odd problems you are going to run into.
  3. a1. If you have the source code, you should be able to compile as needed (32 or 64 bit). What exactly are you trying to do?

    a2. Disable the device in Device Manager

    a3. Check your iPod cable and another USB port. Do you have trouble with other devices or just the iPod?
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