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GPU Replacement

I am looking at replacing my Radeon HD 4770 because it was fried along with my motherboard :fou:. I'm looking at something to play games like GTA4, Fallout NV, and NFS Hot Pursuit at Ultra detail at 1080P. I'm looking at two different GPUs, an XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770, and an XFX AMD Radeon HD 6850. I would like to stay with ATI/AMD, and also stick with XFX. Any other recommendations are appreciated, as long as it stays under $220, also something that is fairly quiet.

Radeon HD 5770:

Radeon HD 6850:
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  1. What PSU do you have?
  2. How did the VGA go with the motherboard, more specifically how did it fry? It may be you have a bad PSU and you need to replace it. What is the Brand and model?
  3. PSU is a OCZ 550W, and I have already tested it, and also I think the short might have caused an increase of voltage on the circuit for the GPU which fried it. Also it was fried when my mother had dumped a half a cup of hot cocoa on the front of the case without shutting it down afterwards. I ended up moving the case after shutting it down to clean it. But I must have missed some so when I turned it back on some had gotten on the mobo. And the mobo is an Asus M4A88T-M/USB3. Sry for the long post.

    Edit: I also go to Porter and Chester Institute of Technology, for Computers and Networking. I had my professor give me a hand to double check everything. And yes, I mean everything.
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    I've heard that the 5770 is quieter, but the 6850 will have more future headroom, and should be playable longer.
  5. Thank you. I'm looking for something quieter, so I'll go with the 5770.
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