Newcomer needs help with a graphics card issue

I have a Dell Dimension 4700 that came with a NVIDIA GE Force 6800. I purchased a MSI VN210 MD512 because the fan on my old card fell off.

When I put the new card in and turned on the PC all the fans came on at full force and my monitor didnt recognize any signal. I turned the pc off, took the new card out and plugged my VGA cable into the other spot (i assume this is some sort of onboard thing?) and the pc booted but had like, nintendo graphics. So I put my old card back in and hooked the VGA up to that and everything was back to normal.

I upgraded my BIOS for the MOBO and tried the new card again and the same thing happened. Ive done a bit of searching this forum as well as googling and read that a PCIex16 2.0 card should be compatible with an old MOBO with just a PCIex16 slot. I also read that some OEM MOBO's from Dell or HP are designed to not support upgrade parts? I dunno.

I feel like from what ive read that there is an easy fix for this problem but is something im overlooking or just not knowledgeable enough to pick out from my reading?

Any help in the matter would be GREATLY appreciated. I'll provide any further information I can to assist you guys in helping me!
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  1. Is there anything else I can provide to help you guys with some advice?

    edit: im running a coolmax 400w power supply if that helps?
  2. Nothing guys?
  3. Ok. Any chance anyone can tell me what I did wrong to keep anyone from trying to help me out? Is this a community where noone helps newbs or ...?
  4. i am surprised no one has assisted you yet...the people here are extremely helpful.
  5. seller417 said:
    i am surprised no one has assisted you yet...the people here are extremely helpful.

    I've heard exactly that as well, that this forum is extremely helpful. That's why I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or what 8-)
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