Will Multiple Video cards Not using SLI or Crossfire help gaming

I play an online game on my computer in Windowed Mode. It is advantageous for me to run multiple copies of this game on my computer all at once. With that said, i currently have 2 monitors, and 2 video cards in my system. The first monitor is connected to a GTX260 and the other is connected to a GTX8800 (which i just added). So my big question is, if i were to open 4 game clients on monitor #1 and 4 game clients on Monitor #2 would they use the processing power of the video card that is on that monitor? Or does it just use a single graphics card horse power and ignore the 2nd one? Thanks!
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  1. I wouldn't recommend running more than 1 game at once ever. I mean it's not impossible to do (I've seen 2 Crysis's running at once on someone's rig), but for the best performance just run 1 at a time. Also, even though you have 2 graphics cards in your system, only one of them is being used since you can't run 2 different cards in SLI. So really you're only using the one it the top PCI-E slot.
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