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i'm using dell desktop with 320 Gb hardisk,4GB Ram & Nvidia 9500GT graphics card but ....dunno y...2day my motherboard crashed B'ocz i think i expanded d 500 Gb hard disk ...+ changed my processor dual core To-> Core 2 i'm thinking of even higher i need some help..plz guide me...which processor should i get.. is i5 or i7 & is h55 motherboard better option for me or it can do just fine wid just changing d tht i can play games & do have a speedy PC...plz help !!
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  1. So you're basically getting a whole new PC except maybe the same case and hard drive. What's your budget? With a better CPU, the graphics card will be what's holding you back, and you'll have to upgrade it.
  2. How much is your budget? Which kind of games do you hope to play on your new system? H55 is old tech now. Sandy Bridge is the platform to go for currently.
  3. hey...kajabla

    yea i would use same hard drive with same cabinet & yea ofcourse wid same graphic card ..but still stuck in confusion of what 2 do tht i can have a speedy pc with no more problems...plz guide me in proper way which processor & mother board shud i buy ...& 1 more thing does d new mother board fit in my old case i'm using...
    reply fast waiting !!
  4. hey emperus..!!
    i wud really appreciate if u tell me d perfect configuration for my pc wid processor & mother board ...yea keep in mind it shud not b hyper expensive & easily available in india....& yea i play 1st person shooting games....of EA games like Modern warfare 7 stuff like tht ..but do keep in mind my new motherboard shud fit in my older case i'm using
    reply fast waiting !!
  5. We cannot suggest anything unless we know your budget. Since you have mentioned that stuff should not be hyper expensive, shall i assume a 30K budget? You can check out Kajabla's sig. It mentions a pretty good config for gaming without breaking the bank. Btw, can you list the exact Dell model you have now? It'll help us identify what sort of motherboards it can accomodate.

    P.S. - The last time you tried a processor swap, it won't have worked for your motherboard might not have had the correct BIOS to support it. C
  6. hey again....emperus....
    i'm using Dell vostro 230s desktop with 23 inch screen (Samsung)
    Chipset - Intel (R) G41 Express Chipset
    Processor- (changed) * Core2 Duo.....
    ...Now tell me exact what i can do wid my system without changing d case ...or even if i have 2 change d case whats d best configuration (including mother board & processor) i should get for gaming & 2 have a speedy tht i don't have 2 upgrade my pc for long time ...
    waiting !!

    Is this the exact model you have?

    If yes, you are not going to get any further without changing the case. The slim tower model is too cramped to accomodate stuff. Now let us know your total budget for upgrades and we'll let you know our recommendations.
  8. hey Emperus...
    yes that's d exact model I'm using d slim 230s ....o man i really liked d look of this case ...but ny how do tell me whats d configuration if i do change d case (but specify d case similar looking i mean shud b magnificent in look )...tell me d configuration so tht i can have a speedy pc with gaming experience upgraded.....budget u just tell me I'll c what i can do...with Ur recommendations. !!
    waiting !!
  9. Well looks is something i can't decide for you. You have to do it yourself. The most classy/elegant cases are courtesy Lian-Li but they tend to be expensive. I can give you other component recommendations. But really need to know a rough budget figure atleast.
  10. i told u I'm from India si keeping that in mind just tell me d configuration man.....under [10-15 thousand Rupees]...c'on man just tell me ...ur an expert on this ...but do remember i want my PC 2 b speedy & shud perform excellent on gaming ...thats all !!
  11. hey emperus....
    i can have those Lian li cases....but do specify which 1 is best ok....can u do that for me plz ...i can't decide LIAN LI Lancool First Knight PC-K63 W/ USB 3.0 Cabinet or LIAN LI ARMORSUIT PC-P50R RED & Black Aluminum Cabinet
    ...Which 1 is better option for i also need d cooling Devices & Power supply ??? plz help !!
  12. LOL dude if you want help you should provide information as asked, there's no need to stick with your old piece of crap, there are tons of good looking cases out there. And if you want a "peedy & shud perform excellent on gaming" computer you need a good video card. do some research, read the build guide in the new build section of the forum, come up with something and let us check it, instead of wasting everyone's time here.
  13. LOL @ "EA games like modern warfare 7"
  14. Your budget is not adequate enough to get you all the required components. As such, you will need to make certain compromises. Things you definitely require now are case and PSU. You can upgrade other parts as you get money later. As such, you will need to use your present components and just get a new motherboard. Check this -

    Get a new motherboard which supports your current ram with the saved cash. It will still be fast enough.

    .....hey emperus...
    thanks for thinking 'bout saving my money dude...but hey d link u specified ....1st 1 is for case i got that ...
    but 2nd link it power supply...?? does i have 2 use all this on my current configuration i mean power supply...b'coz I'm not using NY right now
    hey...r u also thinking of like I'm wasting Ur time bro....actually I'm not very good in Ur field so i kinda bothering u (Sorry Bro)...plz don't b mad at me...!!
    so anyway...u just tell me d configurations I'll manage dude...
    waiting !!

    Hey...bro what if i completely changed my system like u have specified d links like for case & power supply ...?? Do tell me 'bout whole system (including 1GB graphic Card Hd ) I'll do that who'll bother again again for things u know ....what say ??
  17. Dude if I've known all this things y would have i bothered NY 1 ....Bro I'm not skilled like u i just follow d lead k !!
  18. Be patient dude. We are all here to help and we enjoy it. So no, you are not wasting our (or mine personally) time.

    Now, getting a new case and PSU is required as the one's provided in the Dell will be crap. So get both of them. The PSU i linked will be adequate for most of the single video card builds. Which city in India are you from? For a good gaming build, you will require at least a 40K budget. That is not including a monitor. Following are the recommended components -

    Intel core i3 2100 or AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE

    Compatible motherboard

    2 x 4GB DDR3 ram

    Single GTX 560 Ti or HD 6950
  19. Dude....thanks for all this...but don't mention 2 things at a time as u know I'm already confused so...just tell me d exact configuration u want me 2 have so that i can have a compatible gaming & speedy PC....for net surfing...but i wanna play games in 1920*1080 or higher HD 6950 is better or Hd 5850 u just tell which 1 is better option for me ...OK
    i found i3 2100 is better than phenom II
    but u haven't specified d motherboard......tell me exactly what i should have pl z.....
    & yea I'll use my old ..2x4GB DDR3 Ram.....the power supply & case u'ave specified is like my final ...things of list so ..
    waiting !!
  20. "Intel core i3 2100 or AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
    Compatible motherboard
    2 x 4GB DDR3 ram
    Single GTX 560 Ti or HD 6950 "

    Good advice above, but, even a basic GTX460(1gb) gives good performance for about less money at $120-ish....(560Ti/6950 are not really 'budget', but 'strong mid-range' cards IMO...
  21. a decent MB for an i3-2100 is likely an H67 based board....

    The 6950 is a very strong card at 1920x1080, and is usually less expensive than 560Ti
  22. hey...Emperus

    u didn't replied man...i was waiting i bought that case & graphic card 6950....but still waiting for ur specification ...!!
  23. hey...mdd1963
    "Intel core i3 2100 or AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE
    Compatible motherboard
    2 x 4GB DDR3 ram
    Single GTX 560 Ti or HD 6950 "

    do u think this is better for me ....or u have some thing else in mind so that i can have a full gaming & speedy PC huh ??
  24. shahid_hothead said:

    u didn't replied man...i was waiting i bought that case & graphic card 6950....but still waiting for ur specification ...!!

    That's a wow. And sorry for the delay. Have been busy digging prices. Having a hard time finding a good motherboard. Have you got the PSU as well? What about ram? I never expected you to get the video card so soon. Don't open it though. Let it remain in its sealed packing for now.
  25. hey...Emperus...

    No !! just graphic card & case ....still waiting for Ur recommendations ...but hey....i bought this graphic card (AMD Radeon HD 6950 ) in 20,500/- Rs heard that this might need Gddr5 type memory ...whats this ?....& Atx cabinet cooler master in 3000/-
    ..i just sold my current desktop only CPU in 30,000 2 a I'll get all things new as u tell me 2 have plz hurry up !!
    Processor...(which is better i3 or i5) just asking because heard that i3 might have some problems but phenom has its own Lil illusions'ell
    & yea i3 2100 what ...specify its full model u want me have ....i3 2100 is (6000/-Rs) & i5 (11000/-)
    Motherboard getting (ordered) Intel H67 but u didn't specified its full criteria H67 (5500/-) what so tell me ..k
    Hard disk- 1 TB is it alright if i use 1 Tb or should use 500 GB ?
    Dvd-Rw - whats best sony or what ??
  26. GDDR5 is the memory type. Currently it is the fastest (or highest bandwidth) memory type for video cards. You have selected a nice video card but IMO have paid a lot more.

    Seeing your expenses, am tempted to offer you some high priced suggestions for the motherboard. Ideally you should opt for Asus. They have the UEFI BIOS which is excellent. Here are my suggestions -
    Asus P8H67-M Pro
    Gigabyte Ga-Z68MA-D2H
    Asus P8Z68-V

    Opt for 8GB (two sticks of 4GB) DDR3 memory. They are currently very much affordable. Corsair Vengeance is very good. 1600 MHz ram speed would be good.

    Sony is a nice brand to opt for while choosing DVD writers. Other good brands are Lite-On and LG.

    Hard drives are also very affordable now. Surely get 1TB drive. Seagate is good here.

    For the CPU, if you can get the i5 it will be great. They are quad cores as opposed to i3's which are dual cores. The core i5 2500k is the best processor available currently.
  27. hey...Emperus
    so its done then.....

    Atx Cooler master case

    CPU - i5 2500k (3.3 GHz)

    Mother board - P67 Gigabyte GA P67-ud4


    u just tell me whats even best among these

    Asus P8H67-M Pro
    Gigabyte Ga-Z68MA-D2H
    Asus P8Z68-V

    DVD-Rom- Lite-On

    HDD - Seagate (1 TB)

    Ram - G.skill Rip jaws x 1600 MHz
    (2*4) GB (1600-1866)

    Graphic card - AMD radeon 6950 hd

    Power supply - Silent Pro Gold 800W or Silent Pro M850 ...pick 1 what i need & tell me do i really need a power supply..have i calculated correctly d WATS i needed for my Rig ??

    tell me 'bout it ...what do u think

    I 'ill assemble my Rig 1nce u ....finalize my things man just don't keep me waiting !!
  28. I'll vote for the Asus P8Z68-V for the motherboard.

    The coolermaster silent pro gold 800 is the better of your selected PSU's. However it is pricey and there are better units available for lesser price. The wattage will depend on your future plans. If you do not have any plans to add another video card ever then you can opt for a lower wattage unit. Here are my choices -

    Seasonic S12II 620 (for a single video card usage)

    Corsair HX 850 (for dual video card usage)
  29. hey...Emperus

    U R the man ....Wao...u really banged man...I'll gather this stuff in no time & I'll tell u how it goes MANY THANKS for d help but 1 last thing ...if i needed that power supply thing ....then whether i needed 500-600 or 650 w I'm not thinking 'bout 'bout NY other video card in future never .....but hey ....even after all this can i have a speedy PC for net surfing-downloading also? i gonna do that frequently ??? or its just a gaming PC ??
  30. This is primarily a gaming build. It will of course give you an excellent all round experience (including ultra smooth net surfing, movie watching, video decoding, multitasking etc.). Downloading however depends on the speed provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
  31. Almost forgot, for a single graphic card use you won't need more than 600 watts of power (that is considering CPU overclocking). Therefore I recommended the Seasonic S12II 620W unit.
  32. Emperus your patience knows no boundaries
    You are a better person than me :)
  33. Best answer
    king smp said:
    Emperus your patience knows no boundaries
    You are a better person than me :)

    I'll take this as a compliment. Much thanks. But guess we are all here to help (when asked properly) and thoroughly enjoy it. Don't we!
  34. Best answer selected by Shahid_hothead.
  35. hey...Emperus....

    Where Ur from just asking..hope u won't mind...???
  36. Sent you a PM dude. Check it when you get time.
  37. Emperus said:
    I'll take this as a compliment. Much thanks. But guess we are all here to help (when asked properly) and thoroughly enjoy it. Don't we!

    It was 100 percent meant as a compliment :)
    You did a great job on this thread
    I am impressed
  38. hey...DUDE

    Yaar i assembled everything but can't able 2 get tht ..power supply u mentioned ....d shop i'm getting stuffs from saying it'll take a week 2 get it...what shud i do....what if i start d system without it can i operate & play games ??..does it effect anything ???
  39. Obviously you cannot start the system without a PSU. Which PSU have you opted for? Aren't there other units available at the shop? If you can tell the brand names available at the shop then we can suggest alternatives.
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