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Major Temp Spike

Well I'm just curious as to know why this temp spike occurs. My GPU isnt the most recent as its an old Sapphire HD3850 512MB. Now in CCC with the Overdrive has a max core of 720 and a max mem or 950. What seems odd is that no matter what everytime i pass a 720MHz core the temps go from about a 40C idle to about a 60C idle for no reason. Im not increasing the voltage to it just the core frequency. Im still puzzled and have spent a lot of time searching for a reason yet i cant seem to find one. Also whenever im past that core frequency GPUz wont load and freezes my comp and i have to force a reboot, and if this helps im using ATi Tray Tools for the ocing program. Any answers or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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    It could be that you are overclocking the 2D speeds along with the 3D speeds.
    I do not trust ATI tools. Fried my video card on first use.
  2. That could be, but i have also noticed that it only goes up about 10 degrees C when i throw it under max load. It appears to me like its trying to run under load idling after that core clock. Id like to push it to the almost 800MHz core clock i can run it on but i dont want to with those temps. So if anyone knows a way to keep the clocks down on idle to keep it cool with that OC id greatly appreciate it, otherwise it looks like ill have to get a better cooler for it. And as far as the program, im not using ATi Tool, it doesnt work with the card, im using ATi Tray Tools i find that it work much better. Ive also tried Rivatuner if anyone asks and it does the same thing.
  3. Well I decided to BIOS mod it and it was a complete success 793 Core 1004 Mem 44C idle 63C max load. Its working lovely at the stock voltages. Thanks for your answer though Rick_Criswell! I selected you as best answer since you were the only one that replied. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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