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GTS 450 1gb or 5750 1gb????

Hello i have a Coolermaster elite 460Watt psu this [...] ct_id=2930

and was wondering if it would power this card [...] -_-Product or would the 5750 be a better choice?

Thanks in advance

my other specs are Asus m4a785t-m/csm mobo
4gb of ddr3 crucial ram
asus dvd burner
Cooler master elite 310 case
Cooler master elite 460w psu
AMD thlon x4 640 quad 3ghz
500GB western digital blue
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    Overall, the GTS 450 is faster.

    On a quick glance, it only seems to lose to the HD 5750 in Crysis: Warhead and Just Cause 2.

  2. so would my psu power the 450 or 5750 ok you think?
  3. Yep. You'll be fine.
  4. ok great thank you thats what i wanted to hear i thought it would be ok but wanted to hear it from someone else :) thanks
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