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Hi, I live just on the outskirts of my universitys local wifi network, If I get my laptop onthe window sill of my houses topmost room then I can recieve 2 bar's worth of signal, this is pretty useful for internet access and also accessing programs (some of my degree's chemistry software can only be attained through the VPN

What I ideally want to do is set up a router to forward the internet from the access point upstairs to redistribute it to my flatmates & me

I have flashed a wrt54g router with wtr-dd custom firmware to enable the ability to act as a 'repeater'

but I am struggling to work out what to do now really.

there are several guides to different network configs, I just want ideally to take the broadcasted wireless in (WEP encrypted) then rebroadcast that from the secoundary router.

Hope some one can advise

regards, Reidy-
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  1. Here:

    you have a guide.
    All you need to do is connect router to ap(in repeater mode)
  2. Yeh literally found that 15 mins after posting here, everything is up and running and not a problem in sight.

    thanks non the less

    cheers, Reidy-
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