Graphics cards frying?

So I got home today to find that my Mom's cat made a mess of my room, knocking over my PC monitor, speakers and CD's. I believe one of the speakers that was knocked off my desk struck my computer in some way.

I was able to turn my computer on but my Monitor wasn't receiving any kind of signal. I immediately tried hooking up a different monitor to the computer and got the same results. So I then tried switching out the graphics card with an older one that I had when I originally replaced the one in this computer. I had success with this graphics card at first, I was able to log into my computer and access the internet etc. But after about 10 minutes, my computer went to blue screen, and then the monitor lost signal immediately after. I then proceeded to put the first graphics card back into the PC, but it still didn't work. So now I have two graphics cards that don't work and I'm not sure what's happening to them. When I take either graphics cards out of the PC, they feel hot to the touch, not burning hot but hot enough to raise some alarm.

Anyone have any idea what might be happening?

The Graphics Card that I had been using for the past 4 months is a Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT. I have a 400W Power Supply which is at or above the recommended power for the card. I almost wonder if the motherboard is causing this? I'm not a computer whiz by any means but I do understand most terminology and am capable of replacing most parts in a PC.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. I should also note that the cooling fans on the cards work fine even when they are not sending a signal to the monitors.
  2. Nail that cat!! I will post back later when I am feeling better for suggestions to help you out but for now look for any damage to connectors ect.
  3. I am currently writing from my PC, I went to check for damage as you suggested, and out of curiosity I put my Geforce card back into the PC and fired it up. It has now been running for 15 minutes... I was unable to see any damage when I checked. But the graphics card feels hot enough to cause some pain when I touch it. I'll go ahead and shut down the PC for now in fear of damaging the card, knowing that it is still functional....
  4. Is the cooler lose? It shouldn't and what is the condition of the fan?
  5. my firs tstep would be to either cat proof the desk or eliminate the feline...

    after that i'd say download a program to monotor gpu temps, i like msi afterburner as you can tweek the card and look at cpu temps , see what the card idles at and post results
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