4830 card - no bridge connectors

i just bought 2 powercolor 4830 cards
they were labeled crossfireX
but they have no connectors for the crossfire bridges (i have 2 bridge cables)- i have an MSI-790xt-g45 motherboard and have been trying for hour to get crossfire to work - everyone says i need to have the bridges - including ATIs website - but there is no connectors on the card to plug in the bridge cables
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  1. Link the card that you have if you can do that.
  2. According to this chart, you need a bridge for it to Crossfire: http://game.amd.com/us-en/content/images/CrossFirex/CF_combo_chart.jpg

    If you can, I'd exchange those cards for ones with a bridge connector.
  3. Wow $60 for a 4830? Darn good deal. Of course, to help make them that cheap they didn't bother putting in the bridge connector so if you wanted to crossfire them you are SOL. You could try downloading the latest version of Catalyst or visiting Powercolors website to see if they have any hacked drivers for this, but that still may not work. I'd return the cards since they are not CrosfireX capable as advertised.
  4. the Powercolor tech said these cards use software to achieve Crossfire and dont require bridges
    he said just to install the latest ATI catalyst

    i have the latest software from ATI (version 10.12)
    when i got into Catalyst it tell me :
    "the CrossfireX internal bridge interconnects linking you CrossfireX graphics card are not properly connected.
    both bridge interconnects must be attached"
  5. I suggest that you try to return the cards for a refund or make up some excuse and force them to rma for something else. They should as crossfire isn't working properly and it is advertised. By law if they do not meet the expectations and features advertised it is false advertising. In your case crossfire is lest with software mode only which never really works and the same for software based sli using the pci-e as the means of exchanging frame data when the bridge would have normally sufficed.

    Good luck and be sure to grind them when it comes to tech support.
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