Both xp computers on the same workgroup cannot see each other

both xp laptops (1 xp pro, SP3, the othe xp home sp 2)on the same workgroup cannot see each other. My third PC is wired into the network.

All connect to the internet (the laptops wirlessly through a netgear wirelss router) to the internet - no problems.

All can print to a networked printer

All have file and printer sharing enabled

The PC has fixed IP, Subnet and Gateway settings and the laptops All IP address and DNS settings are obtained automatically

All the computers can see the network MSHOME

The PC can see the laptop names in Network places but when you click it is network path not accessible.

None of the computers can see eatch other.

This used to all work. I do not know what to do as its all un user friendly and baffling.

Any help gratefully received.
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  1. have you tried disabling the Firewall on all computer?
  2. What do you mean "this use to work"?
    did something change (computer crash) or did it just work on day and didn't the next?

    Is there actual something shared on those computers (printer or folder)? some times if there is nothing to share then you can't even access the computer, even if sharing is enabled.
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