Intermittent USB 3.0 ports on ASUS M5A97

Having an issue with my front USB ports on this board (ASUS M5A97) The case is a Corsair 400R. I have tried re-seating the connector and it seems to solve the issue temporarily but then they will stop working again. Not sure what to check next - the case connections itself seems to be good but the actual connection hardware is hard to get to.

Suggestions would be appreciated!
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  1. Remove the old ones,download the latest drivers and reinstall them : )
  2. Not sure that it is a driver issue since it will work sometimes and other times (most times) it will not. However, I did install the new drivers and it doesn't seem to make any difference. I check the properties in Device Manager and nothing is reporting as an issue there.

    I just had the machine open to check the connections and it seems solid. While the case was open, the ports worked fine. After I closed the machine and put it back upright, the ports are not working again.
  3. I am having this exact problem. It works for a few minutes, then cuts out?
  4. Quote:
    I am having this exact problem. It works for a few minutes, then cuts out?

    I suspect that my problems are actually due to my physical ports on the case (Corsair 400R.) There have been a number of complaints about this particular case. I have a replacement panel on order and we'll see if that takes care of the issue. If it doesn't, I'll likely have to RMA the motherboard back to ASUS.

    FWIW, my ports work sometimes for a long time and then other times, will not work at all (mostly the later.)
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