Asus 6870 vs XFX 6870 vs Sapphire 6870

Hi guys, I wanted to ask you which brand would you go for?... I'm thinking on buying a new graphics card, and I decided to go for the new 6870 from AMD, but I can't decide which brand could be the best.

Asus card is all aluminum so it is supposed to be cooler than the other ones.
Sapphire comes with lots of accessories.
XFX well, everyone knows its a very good brand.

So I want to know your opinion, Pros and Cons of buying each brand and which one would you choose if you were going to buy a AMD 6870 card.

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  1. I buy the cheapest one since they are all good brands.

    If you are thinking about selling the HD 6870 within a year or two, then XFX since the warranty transfers as well (this only happens once from the original owner to the new owner).
  2. I'd get Gigabyte. They've never let me down.
    XFX made and continued to sell bad 5770;s and I had warranty issues with them.
    Others swear by XFX.
    Of your list I would go:
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    XFX - Pro: Double lifetime warranty if you ever want to sell it. Also they are a pretty decent company overall.
    - Con: No voltage tweaking to my knowledge so overclocking overall, then again 6870 doesn't OC much. They don't have custom 6870 coolers so they'll run hot-ish.

    Sapphire - Pro: Good well respected company, custom coolers. Trixx or something like that for Sapphire card OCing, and also pretty decent overall company.
    Con - Meh when it comes to support. They're alright, not as good as XFX to my knowledge.

    Asus - Pro: Assured voltage tweaking, OC's great. Custom cooler is the best of best. (Not sure how it compares to the Sapphire non ref) The DirectCu is my choice but a biased opinion. Runs cool.
    Con - Warranty isn't as good as XFX, Asus seems to be alright at customer service, but again. Not as good as XFX.
  4. I prefer a card that can run cooler, so I think I will go for the ASUS, now, is the Direct CU version a better one?...

    I was thinking on buying this one:

    Or should I stick with this version?:

    OR a XFX 6870 Black, but its more expensive and it does not run as cooler as the asus...

    Recommend pls

  5. ^ msi is awsome

    i usually say go asus, msi, aand if ati then xfx if nvidia then evga

    of whats listed i'd go asus but if willing to go msi linked above i'd get a twin frozr
  6. Get the DirectCu, even though the Twin Frozr is great. Price of the DirectCu is hard to beat. 20$+ cheaper than the Twinfrozr.
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  8. Good luck with the card!

    I envy you Psycho and your SB. :(
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