Moisture in DVD drive?

I just finished building my new PC today. After closing the case, I washed my hands, and dried them off. Then I put the Windows 7 DVD into the drive and installed Windows.

Afterwards, I started worrying: after washing my hands, what if I had some moisture on them when I inserted the DVD into the drive? My hands were not dripping wet, but who knows, maybe I missed drying a few drops.

Windows did install successfully, and the PC is running MemTest86+ now with no errors.

Should I be worried about messing up my PC, or the PC's DVD drive? Or am I just being overly concerned?
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  1. I wouldn't worry over it, a few drops will evaporate soon enough
    especially as the drive was running I.E. creating heat
  2. Hi loosley!
    Moisture itself is not harmful to the pc itself.
    And with very little drops nothing will get damaged.
  3. If you poured a bucket of water on an unplugged pc and then let it dry, it would work.
    edit: Not certain. When I get a new computer, I'm trying this with the old one.
  4. I know some people wash their Motherboards, dip the whole thing in a sink of water and soap, as long as its dried out its fine
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