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Hi, I'm totally confused about selecting a video card for my upcoming Intel SB I7-2600K build. First I do no gaming, instead NLE video with Cyberlinks Power Director Ultra 64bit and Turbo CAD. It seems there are two types of workstation cards CAD modeling and Digital Content Creation. It seems my goal requires both in one video card.

My goal is a best buy for $300 or less and have no brand preferences. I'm retired so my interest is for pleasure not commercial. My monitor/HDTV is a 46" LCD Samsung LN-4665F. Video capture is done via HVR-2200 with transcoding into MPEG-4.

Your input is requested and very much appreciated. Thanks Geek1945
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    2D CAD and video editing (CUDA) are areas where nVidia excels . Your budget is right between 2 choices:

    I'd recommend the new GTX 570 at about $350 or the 470 up to about $250

  2. Thanks Jack,

    It was my impression Nvidia GTX cards were for gamers and don't provide accuracy for CAD nor video inserted graphics like titles? Naturally this is what Nvidia & ATI/AMD say, as you suggest the GTX cards may work just fine. Admittedly I have no experience in workstation graphics, besides gross price points for those cards makes one wonder if their worth the $$$. A consumer video card would certainly provide more GPU/$ power and super warranties.

    Searches seem to indicate Intel's Sandy Bridge is aimed directly at media processing vs. gaming etc. My only concern is the loss of CPU media processing with a discrete video card. It appears Intel may need to mod their P67 motherboard to correct. This may cause me to pause on early purchase till this is rectified.

    My work experience has been entirely in commercial electronics an encompassed long range radars, microwave, and computers starting with the Burroughs B5500 to the IBM 3070. My first PC was a CPM z80 in the BBS days before the web. This is a new area of computing so I'm all ears seeking advise.

    I have built many PC for friends and neighbors getting those "hey the xxxx program has stopped working" then walking them through the fix via phone. There is volumes of information on gaming, business, and internet PC's. yet popular reviewers seem to shun CAD & video equipment.

    My wife has advise me to pair down my collection of PC components or she will make sure they buried with me.

    My intended CAD work is importing 16-18th century sailing ships drawings for resizing and partitioning areas for enhanced details. Many of the original drawing need doctoring due to tears and aging. If possible I wish to have completed DWG files outputted on a plotter printer.

    Besides photo documentation, I was tinkering with make HD videos of various assembles i.e. hull/deck planking in progress.

    Thanjs again Ed
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