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Windows 8 and Just Cause 2

Didn't know what category to put this in, so I'll put it here. Essentially my problem is Just Cause 2 is selecting my integrated card over my GTX 660m. I had to set launch options on steam so Just Cause 2 would boot (dxadapter=0). I think this sets video card to integrated, and from what I read dxadapter=1 switches card for others for others, but does not work for me. I tried disabling integrated card, new drivers, old drivers, and nothig has worked. Also when I load BIOS and try to switch graphics cards it says switchable and UMA. UMA is integrated, as i found out.
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  1. You need to go into the NVIDIA control panel and under 3D settings, select which graphics card(s) to use for your selected app (in this case Just Cause 2).
  2. Thanks for the response, but because of the /dxadapter=0 command I have to use, Just Cause 2 automatically sets the integrated graphics card as the main one it uses. Changing settings in the Nvidia control panel did not help.
  3. I think the NVIDIA control panel settings should overwride any others. Since you said that doesn't help, there should be some settings in Just Cause 2 to select the GPU.
  4. There is no setting in Just Cause 2 to switch gfx cards.
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    There has to be some way. If there is no apparent setting to change, then try contacting the developers for help.
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