USB 3.0 problem, I have power but not seeing devices

Hi, I have a Silverstone FT02 Case and an Asus Z68 V Pro/gen 3 motherboard. The motherboard has the connection for the the 20 pin front panel connector for the front usb 3.0 sockets, and I have installed the ASMedia USB 3.0 chipset drivers. In fact I have uninstalled them and reinstalled them in an effort to get this to work. I have power to the USB 3.0 sockets, the issue is that no devices can be seen on them.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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  1. Does it work right in the back of the case?
  2. ^ good question,
    also may need to be enabled in bios.
    Some USB3 ports can be set up for charging and this may effect ability to recognize a device.
    Does the USB3 port recognize a USB 2 device.
  3. Yes it's enabled in BIOS. And the back ports all work. Going to have a go at turning the charging off in the bios to see if that has any effect. The ports don't work with a USB 2 device either.

  4. It might be your power supply when i had a low wattage powersupply my computer used up all the power on the components but the usb ports were not being able to be used have you added anything that might consume any extra power try removing a video card then see if the ports work :pt1cable:
  5. I tried disabling the charging in the bios to no avail. I'm very doubtful that the psu is responsible. It's an Antec new Truepower 650W and I only have an Nvidia 210 graphics card (soon to be upgraded) and one 500Gb hard drive. Other than CPU and RAM that is all there is in this system at the mo, although I do intend puting a pci-e soundcard in and probably an Nvidia 560ti graphics card.

    Oh the Cpu is a 2700k and the ram is two sticks of 4Gb corsair 1600 ram.
  6. Also like I said before I'm getting power to the ports, just not able to pick up devices from them.
  7. Ok so I have a work around...although it's not totally satisfactory. Using an adaptor I have plugged the front USB ports into a USB 2.0 header on the motherboard which works. That said I am sacrificing the USB 3.0 speed bump in favour of having functioning front USBs.

    The fact that this works and that even when plugged into the USB3 header on the motherboard I was getting power just not data suggests to me that either the port is fried on the motherboard, or the more likely issue is that the ASMedia controller/driver software is not functioning as it should.

    Any further advice on any ways to make this work would be gratefully received.

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