Graphics Card to play Dragon Age on this system

Looking for Graphics card to play Dragon Age.
System; Win 7 (32)
2GB Ram
Motherboard Intel G31TM-P21 (MS7529)
PCIe 16
350W PSU
1TB HD Hitachi HDS721010CLA332

Thanks for any assistance
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  1. HD5670 limited choices because of PSU size and unknown quality.
  2. Your PSU is going to limit your options.

    The game looks a lot better with SSAA from ATI's new cards (5000 and 6000 series), but all the ones with enough power to not lose too many frames require at least a 450Watt PSU.
  3. What CPU and Resolution do you play at?
  4. bystander said:
    What CPU and Resolution do you play at?


    CPU Intel Pentium E6600
    3.06 Gb
    3066Mhz speed
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